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Monday, 15 January 2018

Man City loss to Liverpool; 5 Signs Guadiola must not ignore

Man City is not Untouchable: it's a fact that this mancity squad is by far one of the best team this year in the entire Europe. However, their loss to Liverpool last Sunday is a proof that they are still touchable.

Guadiola Style is gradually fading away. If Guadiola must continue to excel in the premier league, then definitely he has to change or switch up his style of football.

Last year or season, Chelsea Boss Anthonio Conte introduced a new style of formation in to the league. Conte won the EPL with his new introduced pattern. But sooner or later, Anthonio Conte's style faded away.

From the example of Anthonio Conte and Chelsea, Josep Guadiola should be alarmed. And from recent indications it's now time for him to switch things up to another way.

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And lastly, we learnt from yesterdays game that any good counter attacking team that can ceased the Mid-field and control the ball to some certain measure, can beat Man City any time any day.

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