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Thursday, 4 January 2018


In the analysis of the game between Arsenal and Chelsea at the Emirate, the performance of Alvaro Morata stands out. From minor to severe, social media is awash with negativities about the striker, hence it will do a lot of good to consider the topic from a professional point of view. 

image of Morata

Commenting after the game on Morata, former striker and football expert Thierry Henry with more than 150 goals for Arsenal, told sky sports:

"The hardest thing in the game is when you have time to score as a striker. It sounds crazy. 

"But the more you think about what you need to do, the more difficult it becomes. When he has to score a reaction goal, with quick reaction he is good at it.

"Sometimes when he is in one-v-one situations - apart from the goal he scored at Stoke where he finished that well - he tends to think too much about what he needs to do and then the goalkeeper is too close to you and it becomes very difficult.


How this analysis affects future performance remains to be seen. However, for any realistic chance of a trophy this season, Morata need not miss the train carrying his scoring boots. 

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