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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Mother Of 'Coolest Monkey In The Jungle' Boy Moves From Her Home

The mother of the five year old boy who was caught in the middle of a racism row which involved H&M stores has confirmed to BBC that she has moved out of her home in Swede for 'security reasons'.

This is weeks after the photo of her son Liam Mango went viral for modelling what many themed "A racism inspired hoodie."

She received a backlash after she tried to defend the brand and said that there was nothing racism about the hoodie and told people to stop crying wolf.

Despite the adverse reaction to her statement and defence, she said  "I respect other people's opinion on the issue. I know racism exists, but does the shirt to me speak racism? No it doesn't," 

The family, as reported has moved out their home in Stockhlom following security issues. Though she did not discuss the reason, she indicated that the recent attacks in and around Johannesburg on H&M stores is one of such reasons.

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What are your thoughts? Do you think the hoodie was racially inspired? And what other security concerns do you think Mango's mother might have for moving? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section and subscribe to our newsletter. Yeah, you can also follow us on Facebook Mntrends Blog.

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