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When you hear or see the name Jose Mourinho, what comes to your mind? If images of dissension, debate and controversy are formed in your mind, you are not alone. He has a rich history that alternates between contretemps and outburst.  The Mourinho/Conte rivalry is making the round in recent times, hence I want you to patiently take a look at the erratic Portuguese' foremost rivalry in his trophy laden career.   

Jose Mourinho vs Antonio Conte

Many things have changed in football but Jose Mourinho remains the same. Adding to his thirst for victory is his garrulous nature. The press believed he started trouble with Conte when he claimed that he does not have to act like a clown on the sideline during matches having earlier said he was embarrassed by Conte's celebration in a 4-0 loss. The Italian bit back and claimed Mourinho is nosy, only to be met with an injurious  reply from Mourinho with regards to a match-fixing scandal which Conte was caught up in during his time in charge of Sienna in the Italian league. Conte in turn labelled Mourinho 'a little man' and called him a fraud for his public reaction to the sacking of Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri in 2017, insisting that the Portuguese is a sycophant. We wait to see the how events will unfold in future particularly when they face each other.

Jose Mourinho vs Arsene Wenger

Jose Mourinho and Wenger has had a fair share of dissension throughout the Portuguese first spell as Chelsea manager. Apart from their contrasting style of play being a factor -with Arsene disagreeing with Mourinho's pragmatic approach, they have also traded words. For example, Mourinho has labelled Wenger a 'specialist in failure'. When Mourinho returned to the EPL, their war of words continue and Arsene has been accused of pressuring the fourth official which Wenger rebuffed.

Jose Mourinho vs Pep Guardiola

Although both these men have been together as player and coach in Barcelona, Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola first came up against each other while the former was in charge of Inter, and the latter Barcelona.While Guardiola can boast of a calm disposition and prefer the ball to do the talking, Mourinho has proven to be a master of both.  His side knocked Barca out of the Champions league in 2010 and he coupled it with an outrageous celebration. The rivalry was intensified when Mourinho took over at Real Madrid, and angry outburst became a familiar sight among those in the dugout and on the field during classico encounters. 

Jose Mourinho vs Frank Rijkaard

The heat of the Champions League, a trophy missing in Mourinho's Chelsea spell brought out the antagonism in both men. On one occasion when Chelsea travelled to Barcelona in February 2005 for a Champions League tie, Mourinho suggested that Frank Rijkaard manipulated the referee into sending off Didier Drogba. After the 2-1 loss, Jose said: "When I saw Rijkaard enter the referee's changing-room at half-time I couldn't believe it". Mourinho's comments led to the retirement of referee, Anders Frisk.

Jose Mourinho vs Rafa Benitez

In both Real Madrid and Chelsea, Rafa Benitez was appointed after Mourinho's dismissal. This no doubt made Mourinho see the Spaniard as nemesis.They both however began their war of words in a Champions League semi-final tie between Liverpool and Chelsea in 2005. That continued for a long time and Mourinho even accused Benitez' wife of not taking good care of her husband as the debate turned personal. “If she takes care of her husband’s diet, she will not have any time to talk about me," Mourinho said in response to comments that Rafa was called upon to 'clean up Mourinho's messes' at previous clubs.

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