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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Sachez' move to United-Wenger unmoved

  • Wenger's telling comparison of Van Persie and Sachez
  • Sanchez is replaceable
  • Bad news for Arsenal fans

Manchester United are set to land Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal making him the League's highest paid player according to several reports on Thursday. If you are an Arsenal supporter, these are trying times. Please accept  my heartfelt sympathy. Loosing your players more often than not to a rival is an indication of retrogression in ambition and a mark of peripherality.

With the imminent sale of Alexis Sanchez to Man United, one cant help but wonder whether such a move affect Wenger as much as it does the gunners disgruntled fan base. If you are still in doubt, put paid to it by considering the manager's comment minimising the impact of the transfer by drawing a comparison with Dutch man Van Persie.
"We made a long work with him. When you get them there and, after they leave, that is the most painful”, he said of Van Persie's move to Old Trafford.
“Our fans know Alexis will not extend - they have accepted that idea and the fact it will not be one-way traffic”.  
The looming arrival of Mkhitaryan in a swap deal comes as a consolation to the French man though as in his opinion Sanchez is replaceable.
“It will be other-way traffic as well and that makes the whole thing a bit smoother, maybe a bit less disappointing. We lose a player, yes, but we could gain another player. I think one would replace the other.” 

If you take a survey of Arsenal fans and see the shocking stats of how they feel toward their manager's point of view, you will understand that Sanchez'  move is bad news to supporters of Arsenal. 
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