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Saturday, 27 January 2018

See How Facebook Users Help Zim Simon Who Was Forcefully Arrested By Police As a Yahoo Boy

Zim Simon

Story as Told by Zim Simon a Facebook user who is inspiring Nigerians with his encounter with the police. Read and share 


The policeman insisted they would take me to the station.

I was on my way back from attending a training in Port Harcourt. Just as the vehicle I was in approached the flyover, we were stopped by a group of armed policemen.

"Park this car!", One of them said as the other moved around the bus peeping in from the window.

"So na una be the boys wey dey worry dis area abi? Oya make una come down make we search una."

Grumbling, we all came down.

One after the other, all male.

Then they saw my bag. 

"Hey you! Wetin you carry for dat bag?"

"It's my laptop sir", I answered. 

"Lapitop! You be yahoo boy atink? Come make we dey go station"

I thought he was joking.

"My name is Zim Simon sir, and I'm a graphic designer, website developer and brand strategist. I am not a yahoo boy!"

"Na me you dey speak English for abi?"


"Oya mista graphic designer, wey the receipt of your lapitop?"

I gently placed my bag on my knee and searched. Alas! I didn't have it with me.

"Sir, I don't have the receipt here with me, but I can assure you that this laptop is mine. The laptop has a password, I can unlock it. Plus, if you turn it on, my face is on the screen." 

I felt a quiver in my voice as I spoke.

"My friend jejely waka come dis side. You can hassure me abi? Enter motor make we dey go station. You go hassure me inside cell."

I stood still. Lost in thought for a moment. Was this real or a dream?

I saw triumph in the policeman's eyes. Maga don fall.

When we arrived at the police station, I was asked to pay a huge amount of money if I wanted to go back home with my laptop.

I refused. 

"you don loss be that", one of the policemen wisphered into my ear.

My palms were already sweating.

I had heard of cases where people get taken in by the police and are never found afterwards.

To be honest, I felt fear. 

And almost immediately, a light bulb was turned on in my head. 


I immediately took out my phone and made a post about the incident on social media requesting for help.

For caution sake, I also started a Facebook live video to let people know who the police officers were.

I watched on as the policemen harassed the driver and a few other passengers from another vehicle they had hijacked.

They weren't nice.

Soon, calls from people in my tribe on 
Facebook lit up my phone. 

"I know who you are Zim, that accusation is a far cry from that."

Mind you, I had never met this person before. Our relationship was only on Social Media. 

"Calm down", another one who was a lawyer said to me after speaking with the police man who was manning me. 

By this time, three Facebook friends had suspended their activities to find me at the police station, so they could vouch for my person. 

I was stupefied and dumbfounded.

"Zim are you okay?"

"Hope nothing was done to you?"

Finally, family was here. I was now at peace.

I've never had the opportunity to thank them enough for that. Thank you. 

In about 30 minutes,  I got a call from a Senior Police Superintendent whom I had no direct ties with. I later found out that soneone in my facebook community had given him my number and explained the situation to him.

"......OK, OK, give them the phone", he said. 

"Errm, someone wants to speak with you". 

"Wetin be this one again. You never tire to make call?"

One of them took the phone. And as he spoke, I watched in awe as the fashion of his countenance was altered. His brow glistening with sweat. 

"Yes sir. Yes sir. OK sir. No sir. Thank you Sir. No problem sir. Thank you Sir."

My phone was handed back to me.

"Thank you Sir" I said, as I received my bag from a not smiling police man. 

I hunged my bag with my laptop in it, and with shoulders raised high, I walk out of the station that day. 

When next you hear someone ask "Who social media epp?", look them in the eye, flash my killer smile and say the name "Zim Simon".

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