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Thursday, 22 February 2018

AI Apocalypse:Crypto-Users Step Up Against It

Are you ever scared that one day your job will be taken over machines, and blockchain becomes smart and forces humans to bend to its will? Or a Super Artificial Intelligence Machine will take over and make all molecules into paper clips?, Well, Fear Not! For Crypto-currency users are here to the rescue!


  • A non-profit organization, Machine Research Insitute (MRI) investigates safety issues related to the development of above-human level artificial intelligence known as Super AI.
  • MRI recently released its fund-raising statistics which shows the strong love and support from the crypto-community.
  • Their 2017 annual fundraiser showed that they received just over $2.5 million which more than doubled their annual target of $1.25 million.
  • 66% of the received funds, which is about $1.66 million came in form of cryptocurrency.
  • The largest donation was in Ethereum and was from the inventor and cofounder of Smart Contracts Cryptocurrency; Vitalik Buterin worth $763,970.
  • The Non profit Organization was set up to ensure the survival of the Human Race along with Super Intelligent Machines in the year 2000.

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