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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

All You Should Know About North Korea's Stealing of Bitcoins

Despite a crack-in-the-ice-surface in the relations between the North and South Korea countries, where the South extended the Olive branch to the North because of the coming Olympics,tensions are still running high as the South has informed lawmakers in Seoul that the North keeps making attempts to hack Bitcoin exchanges in the country.

What You Should Know

  • North Korea allegedly hacked South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges and stole coins worth billions of wons.
  • The South Korean National Intelligence Service alleges that the North hacked several exchanges by sending them emails which could hack the exchanges and get their customers' info.
  • The North and South Korea are technically at war as they only signed an armstice and not a peace treaty.
  • The North has acquired Nuclear weapons which suggests that the war is still not over.
  • The North is an isolated communist nation.
  • The Winter Olympics to be held this February in Pyeongchang, South Korea was thought to be an event that could lead to the beginning of peace between the nations.
  • The North has agreed to send the acting president of its parliament to South Korea for the games

Do you think the allegations of cryptocurrency hacking and stealing could be a limiting factor in the 'United Korea's Olympics? From the North's actions do you think they are willing to take the extended olive branch and bury the hatchet? Please share your views in the comments section and subscribe to our newsletter, and yeah like our Facebook page, Mntrends Blog

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