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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Bitcoin Classes In Australia For High School Students

A high school in Australia has planned to organize a training and enlightenment seminar for its students, and members of staff due to the surge in interest in cryptocurrencies. 

  • The meeting is a non-compulsory one, that will educate students from the age of 11-12 on the new space; 'cryptocurrencies'.
  • The seminar will consider features of cryptocurrency, the technology behind it, the state of the digital currency market and how to safeguard digital currencies.
  • Business and accounting professor at Queensland University of Technology, Chrisiann Lee has endorsed and supported the initiative
  • Chrisiann also says that the initiative will improve Students' grasp on topics like investment and budgeting and interest concepts.
What do you think about the initiative? Is it too early to expose kids of that age to cryptocurrencies which some world leaders have described as terrorists' tool?

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