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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Bitcoin Goes Nuclear As Nuclear Engineers Mine In Facility

Some Russian Nuclear Scientists working in a top secret nuclear facility have been arrested for mining Bitcoin on the facility using the center's Super computers.

The Facts:
  • The Engineers arrested were working at the All Russian- Research Institute of Experimental physics at the Federal Nuclear Centre.
  • The Soviet Union's First Nuclear Weapon was developed at the facility.
  • The Super Computer used was not meant to be connected to the internet to prevent intrusion, and upon connection, the nuclear center's security department was alerted.
  • Tatyana Zalesskaya, the head of the institute's press said that similar attempts were made by employees of other private companies with large processing powers, and described it as criminal
  • In October 2017, A similar attempt was made by officials of the Crimea Council of ministers and was detected, and they were fired before they could realize any profit.

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