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Friday, 23 February 2018

Bitcoin Miners Move To Oregon Over Cheap Hydro-Power

Hey Guys, looking to mine Bitcoin? Well, a whole lot of your colleagues are swarming to Oregon in US over they cheap power available there. Vancouver and other states have also had their share of the cake, and now Oregon is where the cake is.


  • According to reports, crypto-miners are finding their way, travelling the Oregon-trail for cheap and reliable electricity.
  • Terrence Thurber runs the biggest mining operation in the state called OregonMines in a small town called Dalles.
  • Right now, there are about 12 mining operations in Oregon and it seems there are many more on the way.
  • The equipment Thurber uses is an industrial sized operation with over 2,750 mining rigs running in a window-less warehouse.

  • The cost of Oregon's hydropower electricity is 3-4 cents per KWh.
  • McCullough of Portland General Electric believes Oregon may become the Bitcoin capital of the world.
  • McCullough though is not impressed about the effect the crypto-miners will have in the state and he expressed this when he said; "We may find our burgeoning surplus of energy will make us quite a capital for useless servers solving useless puzzles. It’s not as if we have a huge amount of employment attached. It’s not as if you’re going to have a big staff and a lot of smart people working on it."
  • He feels other traditional data centres provide better value than crypto-miners.
What do you think about crypto-mining in Oregon? Will it continue to grow as Thurber and others hope? and do you think other crypto-miers will join in moving to Oregon for it's cheap electricity? Please share your views in the comments section below. Subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on all social media @MntrendsBlog

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