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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Celebrities Are Humans Too: They Feel Pain, Hurt and Disappointments

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Most people think that celebrities are super humans and they are suppose to endure whatever is thrown at them without complaints. But here is the simple truth, celebrities are humans and they do feel pain, Hurt and disappointments like everyone of us.

Most bloggers because of trying to get traffic to their blogs have time and again published articles that makes celebrities feel hurt. Forgetting that these celebrities (both singers and actors) work day and night to keep us entertained.

Let's take Nigeria as a case study and see how most bloggers have made Nigeria celebs feel hurt over and over again.

The Truth About TuFace/2Baba Infidelity Issue 

Few years back, a blog wrote an article about this living legendary musical icon that he got his personal accountant pregnant. Mind you, TuFace was already married with his wife Annie when this article  was published.

Imagine what he might have gone through knowing that is not the case. A lie was clearly thrown on his name for what he didn't do. How about his wife, how will she react at first instant when she read that article? TuFace was hurt and he didn't hide it when he expressed his true feelings in an interview saying "If it was when I was single, I won't have felt this bad but I mean I'm married and for someone to say something of such about me is very wrong".

The Truth About Tiwa Savage Pregnancy

In an article by LIB(Linda ikeji's blog), they claim to have an exclusive with Tiwa Savage where she opened up that she is pregnant with baby number two. Just few hours later, the Mavin crew queen came online and said in her official Instagram account that the news was false.
Tiwa savage pregnancy

What was the motive behind this article by LIB? Was it really necessary to come up with such an article to drive traffic? Why drag an innocent mother and career woman into something that is not true? It all still boils down to driving traffic.

Bloggers are suppose to be a source of real information. But now it seems people can't even trust anything they read online as most are either false or unfounded rumors.

The truth is, celebrities do feel hurt so before you pick your phone/tablet/laptop and write an article about an celebrity, please do well to know how it will affect them especially their feelings. 

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