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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Crypto-Hijack:Crypto-Miners Hijack Tesla's Computers


Elon Musk might have been able to send his personal Tesla car to space but he sure wasn’t able to stop crypto currency miners from hijacking his computers for crypto-mining.

  • Summary:
  • ·         Tesla, the electric car manufacturer has been the lasts victim of crypto-miners who are out to jack systems for cryptomining.
  • ·         The infiltrated system is Tesla’s Kubernetes console (a system for containerized apps that was originally designed by Google.
  • ·         The system was not password protected
  • ·         The CSI Researchers who detected the evasion noticed that usual methods were not used by the hackers to hijack the system.

  • ·         The hackers did not use a public mining pool but instead installed their own mining pool software and configured the malicious script to connect to an unlisted endpoint.

  • ·         They also hid the true IP Address behind a cloud flare which is a free content delivery network (CDN) service, which allows them to use a new IP Address on demand.
  • ·         This made detection of the activity even more challenging.
  • ·          The mining software was configured to listen on a non-standard port which makes it hard to detect the activity based on port traffic,
  • ·         Also interesting is the fact that the dashboard of the Kubernetes did not indicate that the CPU Usage was high, which may indicate that the hackers configured the mining software to keep the CPU Usage low to avoid detection.
  • ·         The CSI team immediately reported the incident to Tesla and it was immediately rectified.

So, Elon can rest easy for now knowing that his computers’ resources are not being used for cryptocurrency mining.

What do you think about the incident? What protection do you think Individuals and Companies can get to protect their systems from unauthorized crypto-mining?
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