Crypto-Mining Theft Again In Kazakhstan's Finance Ministry

Well, maybe given the name of the ministry-Finance. 4 employees have been caught mining crypto-finance with the finance ministry's servers. The National bank is currently working on regulations for the crypto-currency.


  • The indicted officials are IT specialists working for the Kazahkstan government in 4 different regions of the country.
  • They have been making use of the servers available to the tax authority and the most powerful computers available to employees.
  • They secretly installed mining software which reduced drastically the speed of information processing and slowed down government computers, the Kazakhstan National Security Committee said.
  • The employees were slammed with criminal investigations.
  • They were charged with “impeding the work of information systems and telecommunications networks” and “creation, use or distribution of malicious computer programs and software products”. as there are not crypto-related penal codes.
  • Kazakhstan's finance ministry has been mocked over their delay in releasing crypto-regulations as prosecutors do not know what to charge the employees with.
  • Despite all that, the country remains one with long standing ambitions to become a crtpo-hub in the future.
What measures do you think could be put in place to deter employees from crypto-mining with companies' resources?

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