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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Euthanasia: To Kill Or Allow To Die

Euthanasia: To Kill Or Allow To Die
Following the last article on the issue of Euthanasia in the African society, this is the second in a series of article which will examine the issue and how Africans view it.

The woman lay on a hospital bed dying of an incurable disease. One day her son entered her room and fired three shots, killing her. He did not try to hide what he had done, but said: “She’s out of her misery now. I shot her.”

“Just inject me, don’t make me suffer for too long’. ‘’. And so was the end of the patient who had battled a cancer of the bone for so many years.

Both cases involve different forms of euthanasia; Mercy-Killing and Mercy-Death.

Mercy Killing refers to the taking a direct action to end a patient’s life without the patient’s express permission. The decision is usually made based on the assumption that the patient’s life is no longer meaningful.
Mercy-Death; a term coined by Jacques P. Thiroux to describe the voluntary request of a patient to end his/her life. It is the direct action taken to end the life of a patient because he has requested it. Some have described it as assisted suicide.


‘Just leave me, don’t prolong my suffering’ he cried; ’Just turn off the dialysis machine please. Let me just die’. And thus was the end of the man who had battled a disease of the kidney for so long.

The case above has presented to us, yet another aspect of Euthanasia which is known as passive or inactive termination of a patient’s life.

The phrase implies an essential recognition that there is a point in any terminal illness when further curative treatment has no purpose and a patient in the situation should be allowed to die a natural death in comfort, peace and dignity.

This does not mean the patient is allowed to die in misery, as drugs such as pain-killers and pain relievers may be administered, but all forms of medical treatment are suspended.

The next articles will expound on the various forms of Euthanasia and attempt to consider Euthanasia in relation with the Moral Question.


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