How to Recognise Rare Guys among Regular Guys

When one is asked to state the difference between the following figures above. It seems difficult to pinpoint a difference because as you will agree, they all look the same on the eye level. But on considering them closely, we find that they do not have the same place value.

While one represents hundred, and another tens and yet, the last one is the unit value. But on the face value, they look the same.

It’s the same thing with the Rare guys and the Regular guys. On the outside, both look similar, but upon careful consideration, you find that despite having the same face value, they do not have the same place value.

A Rare guy is not easily found, in fact out of every 10 guys you see you MAY find a rare guy; well, that’s obvious though, that’s why they are described as rare.

You see them wearing the same regular clothes that all regular guys wear, even worse at times. But what determines their place value is what goes on in their minds.

Some of the guys you look down on are entrepreneurs in the infant stage; who are depriving themselves of many things that the ‘real regular guys’ enjoy so that when their hustle pays, their rareness will be evident. Most times though, it is always late for those who might have benefitted if they had found out faster.

                                  3 3 ⅓
The odd one in the mix above is easily spotted. Yeah, the fraction looks unique in the mix and is first noticed at first glance. But that doesn’t mean it’s the figure with the most value. Infact it is the one in the mix with the least value.

That is similar to how guys who show off with their Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc clothes are. At first look they seem unique and are easily noticed. But it doesn’t make the most valuable. So it is when one goes for the flashiest guy, thinking with the designer cloth, he is the most valuable. They often end up disappointed.

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So, treat everyone with respect guys and ladies, and add more respect to the guys with Rarity, for when they eventually show up Rare, it may be too late.

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