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Monday, 19 February 2018

Pre-Election Crisis: Far-right parties clash with antifascists in Italy

Far-right parties and antifascist clash in italy

Ahead of the Italian election coming up in two weeks time, cities of Venice, Naples and Bologna in Italy is witnessing high tensions ahead of the country's general election.

ANTI-fascist protesters have clashed with far-right parties in these cities. The national election is scheduled to hold on March 4.

Many persons was arrested during and after the demonstrations in cities like Venice, Bologna, and Naples. A clash between the Far-right parties and the Antifascist.

The protests come amid fears of a revival of neo-fascist sentiment ahead of Italy’s national election on March 4.

In Naples, more than 20 people were arrested on Sunday after protesters opposing a rally by the neo-fascist party, Casa Pound, clashed with police near the main train station.

Clashes broke out when police intervened to stop anti-fascist demonstrators from occupying a square in the traditionally left-wing city.

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The area was filled with about twenty armoured vehicles and water hydrants, according to local media.

President of the Lower House Laura Boldrini said the Neofascist groups “have no place in democracy”.

Head of the Forza Italia party, Silvio Berlusconi, said: “Fascism is dead and buried”.

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