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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

The Concept of Diaspora

Concept of Diaspora 

The concept of Diaspora recognizes that people can move from their original area and settle in another region.

However, even after many years in the new area, their original distinct feature can be traced back to their original place of origin. 

According to Vocabulary dictionary, The term diaspora comes from an ancient Greek word meaning "to scatter about." And that's exactly what the people of a diaspora do — they scatter from their homeland to places across the globe, spreading their culture as they go.

For example, during the trans-Atlantic slave trade, many Africans or blacks were sold and moved to the new World (America). Which is one of the major reasons why we see many blacks outside Africa today. Many of the blacks can be found in America, Brazil, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas etc. 

These Africans by way of colours 
are identifiable in those European and American states mentioned above. They still have cultural traits consciousness. And if their place of Origin should be traced, definitely it is tracing back to Africa. 

So Africans moving from their continent and settling down in America, Europe or where ever and still conscious of their cultural traits, is a simple way to explain the concept of Diaspora. 

Next we shall be discussing about African Diaspora. 
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