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Saturday, 10 February 2018

US Official Demands Cryptocurrency Declarations From Government Officials

A United States lawmaker; Jared Polis has sent a letter to the US House Committee on Ethics demanding the disclosure of cryptocurrency of all government officials.

The Facts:
  • Jared Polis on the 5th of February submitted a request that urges the House Committee on Ethics to provide guidance on how govt officials can disclose their crypto-holdings.
  • He represents Colorado in the House
  • He is termed as a Bitcoin-friendly member of the house.
  • Polis stated that it is clear that the existing asset-disclosure statutes include digital currencies.
  • "Financial disclosures are critical to maintaining public trust in elected officials and the integrity of congress — I look forward to working with the committee on this issue." is what Jared added when making the request.
  • Jared says that the increasing use of virtual currency as a means of payment requires the congress to take appropriate actions.


What do you think about the recent trends of asset declaration by Government officials? Do you think cryptocurrencies should be regarded as assets  to be decalared for public officials? Or should it remain their personal and private affair?
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