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Friday, 16 February 2018

WTF! 11 year old girl in US plan to bring gun to school to kill ugly kids, Arrested by Police

11 year old plans to kill fellow school mate in Florida

But seriously, what is with US kids and shooting? Just few days ago there was a Shooting in Florida highschool that took nothing less than 17 lives and here is 11 year old kid again planning to shoot his 'Ugly' School mates and Teachers.

A 6th grader has been arrested for writing a note that contained a threat to commit a school shooting.
11 year old plans to kill fellow school mate in Florida

The student is from Davie, Florida which is close to Parkland, Florida. To add to the tragedy and fear surrounding the Florida community, and frankly the country as a whole, this news comes only a day after the tragic school shooting by a 19-year-old male killing 17 people.

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The girl claims another student forced her to place the note under the office door to the assistant principal and according to the police report, the 11-year-old can be seen on a surveillance video placing the handwritten under the door.

The student was taken into custody by Davie police and put in the Broward Juvenile Assesment Center. Her identity is being withheld because of her age as she is still a minor.

But seriously what is wrong? Is it frustration or depression or wickedness? where are the kids parents? What are they doing? Hmmmmm

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