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Thursday, 22 March 2018

BIT-Crime: See Why These Young Boys Are Going To Jail

The fall of Silk Road Marketplace has continued to reverberate round the world, leading to a number of university students going to prison for many years. This week. some young men have been found guilty of selling party drugs and tranquilizers online for Bitcoin.


  • The Silk road marketplace is an online black market and first darknet market for selling illegal drugs whose founder Ross William Ulbricht was arrested and convited of 8 carges and eventually sentenced to life imprisonment with no option of a parole,
  • Since the fall of the website in 2013, so many others have been arrested and convicted.
  • A group of University of Manchester Students have been convicted for selling drugs on the dark web market for Bitcoin
  • The Group which was nicknamed 'Breaking Bad Gang' by the British Press have been found guilty of trafficking illicit drugs to clients around the world.
  • The Gang comprised of students studying in different fields as pharmacology, computer science, petrochemical engineering, geology and marketing.
  • They were found trading ecstasy, LSD, 2C-B and ketamine, worth over a million dollars in total from May 2011 to October 2013.
  • The UK National Crime Agency Officers who raided the apartment said they found nohting less than a drug dealing factory.
  • Their sentences ranged from 7 and half years to 15 years, three months imprisonment.
Why are there so much cryptocurrency related crimes coming to the limelight now? We'll appreciate your thoughts in the comments section below.

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