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Friday, 9 March 2018

Crypto-Currencies Come Home As Crypto-Heater Is Introduced

Qarnot, a French Company has introduced a new technology which heats a room while mining cryptocurrencies. The Heater which is called Crypto-Heater or QC-1 has 2 graphics card embedded that can make heating one's room a source of revenue and not an expense.

  • Cryptocurrency mining produces lots of heat while mining rigs dig into math problems looking for Cryptocurrencies which some have used to heat up their garages and distill alcohol.
  • “The heat of your QC-1 is generated by the two graphics cards embedded in the device and mining cryptocurrencies or blockchain transactions: while heating, you create money,” explains Qarnot’s website.  
  • The QC-1 provides users the ability to monitor cryptocurrency markets and their trends.
  • The heater is also fitted with the ability to activate a heating booster mode when the weather is frigid cold.
  • The system is custom designed to mine ethereum but can be jury rigged to mine other cryptocurrencies.
  • The crypto heater comes with two 8GB Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon RX580 AMD graphic processing units (GPU).
  • To use, the user just has to connect a wallet address using the mobile platform and start mining.
  • Qarnot claims that the crypto-heating technology is as a result of 5 years hardwork by their Paris team, and has allowed for the dissipation of soft, comfortable heat.
  • The cost of the heater is 2,900 Euros with the ability to mine up to 100 Euros worth of Ethereum/
What do you think about this product? And where do you think the product will be very profitable?

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