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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Friendship decaying; As UK kicked out 23 Russian Diplomats

United Kingdom - Prime Minister Theresa May has asked 23 Russian diplomats to leave the country. According to May these 23 diplomats have been identified as undeclared intelligence officers, and at such they have a week to leave.

In an oral statement to the House of Commons, Theresa May told MPs that Russia had responded to her demand for an explanation of events in Salisbury with ‘sarcasm, contempt and defiance’.

Mrs May went further and said:
‘Their response has demonstrated complete disdain for the gravity of these events.’
Russia had failed to provide any ‘credible’ explanation of events and of why it has ‘an undeclared chemical weapons programme in contravention of international law’, she said.
Mrs May also announced the suspension of high-level contacts with Russia and that no dignitaries and members of the royal family, will attend this summer’s World Cup.

We patiently waiting to see how Russia will respond to this. 

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