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Thursday, 29 March 2018

How To Easily Turn On HTTPS for Blogger Blog Using Custom Domain

https for blogger

There is good news for bloggers with custom domain, they can now easily turn on https version of their blog without loosing a hair. And the best part is that this service comes free for all blogs in the blogger platform. Adding https makes your blog url attract people as it tells people that you are secure. Well lets skip the benefits of https version of your site and jump to knowing how you can turn on https for your blogger blog.

First step is for you to sign into your blogger dashboard. Click HERE to sign into blogger, type in your registered email and correct password.

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Next go to Settings(Usually at the left bottom of the blogger page) and select BASIC.

Now scroll down and select HTTPS availability(select YES from the small box at the right side). Usually you will get a notification that HTTPS redirect will be available shortly. Just wait for about few minutes and log into blogger again.
Laptop/Computer/Desktop View

Mobile View

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Now under HTTPS, select HTTPS redirect and select YES from the small box at the right side. Wait for the page to auto refresh and its done, you can now enjoy an HTTPS version of your blog. All old posts will be redirected to the HTTPS version of your blog.

To ensure that google index the HTTPS version of your blog, log into google webmaster tool and add new property. Read More About: How To Make The HTTPS Version of Your Blog To Appear In Google Search

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