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Thursday, 29 March 2018

How To Make The HTTPS Version of Your Blog To Appear In Google Search

https blog and google webmaster

To some appearing in front page of google search results is magic but the simple truth is, with a good well written contents you can make front page in google search results. But you still have to tell google you have something reasonable to offer. If you recently switch to https version of your bogger blog then you need this step to make your https version appear in google search results.

First log into your google webmaster by signing in with your registered email and correct password. You can access the webmaster dashboard HERE

Next is for you to ADD A PROPERTY. Note that if you already have the http version of your sites in the webmaster it will also display but now you will be adding a new property.

Now click on ADD A PROPERTY and a small dialogue box pops up. Type in the https version of your url e.g and click Add. See picture below

google webmaster dashboard

After adding a new property, you also need to submit sitemap for the newly added property for google to start indexing the https version. From the webmaster menu, select CRAWL, click SITEMAPS now click ADD/TEST SITEMAP. Another small box pops up, type in sitemap.xml and click the SUBMIT button. Then refresh the page and see that sitemap have been added. See picture below

https blog

It is important to note that google might not start to index the https urls almost immediately. But all old http urls will be redirected to the new https urls.

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