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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Magu Takes Swipe at Senate; Says They Rejected Him For Doing His Work

The acting EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu has taken a swipe at the Nigerian Senate on why he was rejected from being confirmed as the EFCC Chairman.

Magu said it was because he was doing his job very well.

The Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo has however said that Magu is going nowhere despite his not being confirmed by the Senate.

On his non-confirmation, Magu however commented that he was not deterred by his non confirmation.

“I don’t think my non-confirmation has given the public a cause for concern. I think it is a lot of encouragement. The fact that I am not confirmed shows I am working. Really. In the anti-corruption environment, if they rush to confirm you, it means you are not doing your work properly.” Magu said

The EFCC acting chairman went on to say that ''a number of the people we are investigating are also in the national assembly. I am not completely distracted. It is not an issue. Rather, it gives me courage. You wake up in the morning and see some terrible publications about you. Despite all these, we are determined to go ahead. I cannot be distracted with those things. Nobody can purchase me, I cannot compromise what I am doing.”

What do you think about Ibrahim Magu's non-confirmation? Do you think the Nigerian Senate has a hidden agenda or are they just being plain?


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