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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Russia Wants To Grab Telegram's Encryption Keys

Messaging Services company has lost a court battle against Russia. The battle was on whether or not it should hand it's security keys to The Russian Security Sevices. The messaging platform, which forms a pivotal network for the cryptocurrency community has said it will take the matter on appeal to the Supreme Court to prevent the State from gaining access to private information of its users.


  • Supreme Court Judge has rejected an appeal filed by Telegram seeking to stop the Russian Security Services from gaining access to information of its users by getting the encryption keys.
  • The company itself, is in a tight situation, with the pre-sale of its own cryptocurrency, Telegram prides itself as a platform that respects user privacy and has taken great efforts to thwart Government efforts to invade.
  • The company however, being a Russian enterprise itself, is bound by Russia's draconian laws that gives the country's secuirty force extensive surveillance powers.

  • In 2016, President Putin announced that messaging services provide a means of decryption for security purposes; and monitoring terrorist activities was his excuse.
  • Russia is a country known for it's human rights abuse, and covert surveillance of Journalists and Newsmen.
  • Russia though is not the only country that has battled for rights to encryption, as even the countries like the US and UK have asked for access, a request which has been resisted by tech companies.
  • Create an entry point for state security, they insist, and it will be exploited by hackers and state-sponsored attackers is the main reason why they have resisted the request.
  • Telegram is a Russian success story, led by the crypto-friendly Pavel Durov. He founded Telegram after a successful spell as CEO of VK, which grew to become Russia’s largest social network
  • If they cannot convince the Supreme court, then the only option might be to pack up and leave Russia.
What do you think is Telegram's chance of winning the case in the Supreme Court?

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