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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

The Wealthy Want A Slice Of Crypto-Currency But Do Not Understand It

A new report has revealed-though not so surprisingly-that the wealthy ones are interested in Bitcoin and it's brothers but do not understand the concept behind it. Terms like 'distributed ledger' and 'blockchain' are not especially familiar to them.


  • Cryptocurrencies caught the attention of rich people last year when it went viral, but it doesn't mean it is understood by them.
  • It was found that the technology behind cryptocurrencies-distributed ledger-is one of what baffles them.
  • The rich are investing, but most do not know how this new currency will impact to their wealth.
  • They still however, prefer investing in sticks and bonds as investments in the traditional instruments remain high.
  • Their interests still lie with properties as well, as UK and US rank among the first choice to invest in, with US markets likely to grow following their tax reforms there.
  • Their interests in crypto-assets however vary and seem dependent on more on positive and negative perception of the market rather than on actual knowledge and understanding of the currency.
  • Surveys have revealed that there is increased awareness of Bitcoin and its brothers in countries like US and Russia but the actual knowledge remains superficial.
Do you expect the rich to look more favorable on Cryptocurrencies in the nearest future?

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