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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Top Three Popular Fraud Techniques and How To Avoid Falling Victim

don't fall victim to fraud

Many people have fallen for a fraudster one way or another. The truth is, with each passing day more people(especially Young men) are turning to fraud as a means of survival. According to a report from Nigeria, fraud has basically become an occupation for most youths living in some part of West Africa. This article is to help you get to understand how these fraudsters work and how you can avoid falling for their scheme.


This is perhaps the best strategy used by most of these fraudsters. They introduce a platform or program that pays you high return of investment. These programs usually have no office and no known person is behind these scheme everything is done anonymously. At the first investment, your capital and bonus is paid back to you almost immediately. This is done to lure you into investing more into the program. To avoid this, do not invest in any online program that offers huge return of investment within a short period of time(especially those without office and is been done anonymously).


Another way these fraudsters operate is through the use of  mouth watering opportunities. Some offer to sell you some sort of business or encourage you to invest in some business that will bring a huge ROI(Return of Investment). Any business opportunity presented to you online without physical proof of registration please ignore such offers. And even if some docs were shown to you, its advisable that you contact someone else from the said country to verify such claim.


This is one very effective way that some fraudster use to dupe people off their money. An approach that is usually used by most amateurs in the business. They enter into dating and relationship groups and websites, they link up with wealthy females/males and start chatting. but after a while they start asking for money and been their suppose lover, these lovers sends money. So when next you get into an online dating website or group, be careful who you chat with else you might just be continuously sending money to a fraudster with the mind set of been in love.

Conclusively, these fraudsters make use of two things to attack their victims. First is greed and second is their emotions. Say NO get rich quick schemes and you will minimize the rate at which you fall victim for these fraudsters. Next, try to keep your emotions in check and don't think everyone in a dating website or group is genuine, some are just there to use your emotions to be stealing money from you.

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