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Sunday, 25 March 2018

UN Reports Indicate Human Rights Violation In Turkey

The Routine extensions of the State of Emergency in Turkey have led to the violation of Human Rights in the country. This is the verdict of the United Nations Human Rights Office.

The United Nations has stated that this  action will lead to adverse implications on the institutional and socio-economic fabric of Turkey.

In a report released which covers the period of January 1 and December 31 2017, the UN office warned that the State of Emergency which has been routinely shifted has led to so many violations of human rights.

Nearly 160,000 people were arrested, 152000 civil servants dismissed arbitrarily; teachers, lawyers, judges. Journalists have been arrested, media outlets closed, websites blocked; all under the  covering of a State of Emergency.

Pregnant women, and new mothers have been arrested under the guise that they are close associates with their husbands who are suspected for involving in terrorist activities. Some were abducted with their children and others had their children forcefully taken away from them.

The reported also highlighted a referendum done in April 2017 which gives the President powers that extend into the judiciary and legislative arms of government as problematic resulting in interference with the work of the judiciary and curtailment of parliamentary oversight over the executive branch.

The reports also shed light on the reason for the arrest of the Journalists, claiming that some of their publications contained apologists statements toward terrorism.


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