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Monday, 5 March 2018

Unbelievable! See What AIT Reporters Were Caught Doing In A Class In UNIBEN

You would not believe what African Independent Television Officials were filmed on Camera doing in UNIBEN.

AIT Officials were sent to UNIBEN to film the learning conditions of our future leaders. Of particular interest, is what they recorded in a Physical 1000 Lecture Theater Hall.

The 1000 Lecture Theater at the time of recording was being used by 2 faculties which comprise both of more than 10 departments. With each department having nothing less than 120 students.

The Lecture Theater was fraught with many challenges, as so many of the seats had been broken and needed maintenance, the hall had no electricity and according to students, that has been the situation since the beginning of the session.

Students interviewed who requested that their names not be published also said that in a class meant from maximum of 1000 students, more than 1000 took classes there and there was no public address system to address the 1200+ students.

Of note also was the appalling sight of students seating on the floor and on the elevated platform to take lectures.

Photos appear below:

Drop your comments on what you feel could be the cause of the breakdown in the quality of education in Nigeria.
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