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Saturday, 3 March 2018

WAKANDA FOREVER:Photos: Former VP Atiku Abubakar Shows Support By Watching Black Panther

Former Nigerin Vice Presdient; Atiku Abubakar was spotted in the Silverbird Cinema Hall, Abuja watching ' Black Panther' yesterday, the 3rd of March 2019.

Atiku also reportedly paid for all who came to watch the movie.

Twitter user, @ClintonViceB, said: "@ClintonViceB, “So @atiku came to the movies Today and bought Tickets for everybody. Commendable.”

As expected, Atiku's appearance at the Silverbird Cinema has sparkeddebates in the Nigerian Internet airspace with some suggesting that he really is a man of the people, and some saying that it was just another means of trying to ganeer votes ahead of 2019 Presidential elections.

A twitter user, @favourdesimhi, “This is no surprise to me for I know him to be a kind hearted man. He will make a better president in 2019.”

Another user, @Frankkyboi, said its because of election. But @GabrielEtenika maintained “It’s not about elections, doing good is part of him.”

Another user, @pfdesimhi, simply submitted thus, “2019 my vote is reserved for @atiku for he strikes a chord in my heart he will make a good president.”

For @BendelJounal, “Whatever you do in this life people will always talk. @atiku is on point. I love this man to the moon and back. He is our next president for he is by far better than Buhari.”

For @PerformOrResign, “@atiku is that leader that can relate with the youth and knows what they need Atiku all the way.”

Black Panther is a movie that has been the talk of many most especially, Africans as it is based on a fictional African nation.

The movie which is Marvel's first directed by an African-American and has raked up to $192 million in North America alone.

What do you think about Atiku's generosity and relation with the younger generation? Do you think it is sincere or just another means of electioneering?

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