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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

What has happened to Sand Cheers? oh sorry, Sanchez

Once again Manchester United have lost a crucial match tonight that could have qualified them to the next round of the champions league.

With the big question popping up again, what has happened to Alexis Sanchez?

According to ex Man United Legend Paul Scholes, he said “You give credit to the manager for sticking with him and giving him chances,” Scholes said of
Alexis Sanchez on BT Sport.
“But he must be coming to the end of his tether with him now.”

Which means that, Alexis Sanchez must prove his worth now or face staying at the bench for a long time.

Moreover, Alexis Sanchez has been dispossessed more than any other English player this season.

Do you think signing Alexis Sanchez was a total waste of resources? And is there still anything left for the Chilean to offer? Drop your comments below and subscribe to our newsletter too. 

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