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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Detailed Step by Step Guide On How to Deactivate Your Facebook Account| With Pictures

One might ask why they will likely deactivate their Facebook account. Well. there are few reasons why one might want to deactivate their Facebook account. Note that deactivating Facebook account means that you will not be using that account again. In short words it simply means killing that Facebook account and the account will be dead after deactivation(stops to exist).

There are few reasons why someone might want to deactivate his/her Facebook account. For some it might be that they already had an account and they no longer need the new account. Another reason might be that the account was hacked and since you cac't recover it, it's probably best you kill the account. For whatever reason why you want to deactivate a Facebook account, just follow the steps below to deactivate your Facebook account.


1. Log into your Facebook account

2. Go to settings

3 Click Account Setting(For Facebook Mobile App Users see Picture Below) 

4. Click General Settings(For Facebook Mobile App Users see Picture Below)

5. Click Manage Account

6. Select Deactivate (Usually at the bottom right)

7. It might prompt you to enter password, just type the account password and click continue.

8. Facebook will then give you multiple reasons to select why you want to deactivate account, just select anyone but the easiest one is "I have another Facebook account". Just select this option and click OK and its done that Facebook account is officially dead.

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