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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Detailed Step by Step Guide On How You Can Customize and Manage Your Facebook Page | With Pictures

From our previous post, we talked about how you can create a well customized Facebook page. If you missed it please Read Detailed: Updated Step by Step Guide On How To Creating A Well Customized Facebook Page| With Pictures. In this article, we'll now be talking about how you can customize your Facebook page and introduce you to all the many Facebook tool available to you as the Admin. this article will focus on customizing your Facebook page and managing the Facebook page.


From our previous article, we created a Facebook Page named "Mntrendstv". Now lets start to customize this page and make up to the professional standard. Note that this is a continuity of our previous article which you can read HERE but same procedure can be apply to already created page.

Adding Buttons To Your Facebook Page

First we'll add buttons to our Page, like CONTACT US button or SEND EMAIL button or even a SEND MESSAGE button. Follow the steps below to add buttons

1. Click on ADD A BUTTON(For Facebook Mobile App users see picture below)

facebook add button

2. From the list of buttons available for you select two. We'll be selecting the CALL NOW or SEND MESSAGE(For Facebook Mobile App users see picture below).

facebook send message button

3. Click on the SEND MESSAGE button and a notification from google will pop up, read and click CREATE at the top right(For Facebook Mobile App users see picture below).

create button in facebook

4. Next is to Add the CALL NOW button. To add this button, click  Edit Page, select Buttons from the next page(For Facebook Mobile App users see picture below).

facebook page button

5. Next is for you to select any button you wish to Add to the Message button already in the page. Select Save, click Choose a Different Button.

6. Now select the CALL NOW button and Add your mobile number or your office/work mobile number/telephone and click create at the top right(For Facebook Mobile App users see picture below).

7. To further customize your page, go to Edit Page and select settings, then select page info and fill out all the information  available. The information include your work address, telephone, zip code. Just fill in the right information and click SAVE.


1. Click Edit Page

2. Select Settings

3. Select Page Roles

4. Click Add Person to Page

5. Select from your friends list(note that the person you want to add must be among your friends list else you won't be able to add him/her)

6. Lastly select the role of the person(Admin, Author, Moderator, Advertiser etc).


We don't know why you would want to delete a newly created Facebook Page(wait we didn't even know why you created in the first place) but to delete your Facebook Page just follow the steps below.

1. Click Edit Page

2. Select Settigs

3. Select General

4. From the list of options select "Delete page(Usually name of page)"

5. Confirm you want to delete and press the  BIG DELETE BUTTON and its DONE.

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