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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Detailed: Updated Step by Step Guide On How To Creating A Well Customized Facebook Page| With Pictures

Ever wanted a Facebook Page to grow your business, sell a product of yours or create an awareness campaign? Or you have a blog, website or a company that needs to connect with its audience via a Facebook Page and you don't know how to create one? Or maybe you have a Facebook page and you don't know to manage it? or you have a Facebook page and you don't know to grow your audience and get more page followers and likes? Then this post is for you.

Creating is a Facebook page is very easy and managing a Facebook Page is not as hard as managing an engineering company. The part that is a little difficult is growing your Facebook audience. But don't worry you will get to know how you can do these things soon.

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Creating a Facebook page is very easy just follow the steps below

1. Log on to your Facebook account

2. Go to the option Tab(For Facebook Mobile App users see picture below but for website desktop users the option tab is usually at the left hand side of the website)

3. Select Pages(For website users this will usually show all your current Facebook pages and their stats. If you don't have a page yet it will prompt you to create one. For Mobile App users please see picture below)
creating a facebook page1

4. Select Create Page(For Facebook Mobile App users see picture above)
5. Click on Get Started , Then Get Started and Type the Desired name of your Page(For Facebook Mobile Users). Note that the Facebook Name should be about your company product or name, this makes it easier for your audience to connect with you online. For example, you blog name is Mntrends then the Facebook name should be Mntrends Too(See Picture below)

creating a facebook page2creating a facebook page3

6. Click Next and now its time to select the categories for your Facebook Page. Select your desired page category, if you are about a music band or news website or personal blog or Art just select and click Next.(For Facebook mobile App users see picture below)
creating a facebook page4


7. It's time to Add you site link. Just type the url to your website/blog here and click Next.(For Facebook Mobile App users see picture below). If you already have a Facebook Page, to add your website just go to Edit Page, click settings, click Page Info and type in your website/Blog url in the section EDIT WEBSITE(This same procedure can be use to edit or change your website link).
adding website url to your facebook page

8. You are almost done with creating your Facebook Page and its time for you to customize the Page by adding profile pictures and cover photo.(For Facebook Mobile App users see picture below). Note that you can decide to skip this step and add these pictures later but its preferably you add them now.

9. Next is for you to Add cover photo, Select your desired cover photo and click Next. (For Facebook mobile App users see pictures below)
                          Before                                 After

10. Your Facebook Page Up and running. Now its time to customize your Facebook Page and make it attracts followers and likes.

Please use the comment section below if you have any question. Our next article will discuss in details how you can customize your Facebook Page to make you easily accessible and for your followers to easily communicate with you. For more updates follows on Twitter and Instagram @mntrendsblog. Subscribe to our newsletter for latest news updates, also like our Facebook Page.

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