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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

How to Show Google Ads In HTTPS Version Of Your Blog | For Blogger Blogs

Show Ads in HTTPS blogs
In our recent articles we showed how you can turn on HTTPS for your custom domain blogs and also how you can make the HTTPS version of your blogs visible to google search engine. If you missed it please read both articles HERE and HERE respectively. However, in this article we'll be tackling a different type of problem experienced by most bloggers after the HTTP to HTTPS migration. And this problem is about displaying Google Ads in the HTTPS version of their blogs.

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I searched the internet and even asked questions on google adsense forum but no solution was given to me. So after i swapped to HTTPS, i started loosing money and this was not funny at all. Hence i had to look for a way to make my Ads appear in HTTPS version of my blog. So i started trying many things including changing my blogger template and so on. But here is a simple trick that worked and it will likely work for you too.

it struck me that when i submitted my website in Adsense, it was without HTTPS, so what i did was Add the HTTPS version of my blog to the list of Adsense websites in my Adsense dashboard and i was good to go. Below is how to make the simple change.

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1. Log into Adsense Dashboard with your registered email

2. Go to SETTINGS see picture below

add site to adsense

3. Select MY SITES see picture above

4. Click the PLUS symbol at the top right see picture below

adding site in adsense

5. Add New site url this time Add the HTTPS version of your blog (e.g see picture above

6. Click Add site and its done.

Although your revenue will be low for the next five to six days, but just be patient and wait, once Google starts indexing your HTTPS blog your earnings will come back to normal and most likely even earn more. If you have any question please leave them as comment below.


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