The Movie Cinderella: How It All Began With My Sisters Husband



My name is Cinderella a 24 year old Robotics student from University of Ontario Canada and here is my story with my sisters husband. Well for a start, it's good you know that i like making friends and i love going out even staying out late. And did i mention that i love mini skirts and gown, i love fresh air reaching every part of my body, well you won't blame me, I'm allergic to heat. I won't bore you with my family background, you will know more about my family story as time goes on. Now lets skip to my sisters husband.

Until i met Franklin i was this decent girl who always does what is right even though i keep late nights and all that. Franklin is my sisters husband and for their honey moon they recently came to Canada for a short stay. And since its family, my sister insists i come stay with them for a while.

At first, it was just a simple hello and hi for me and Franklin but like i said i love wearing shorts and sometimes i see him stare but he is married i would think and quickly ignore. Time and again he playfully hit me from behind and we all would laugh it out like its nothing. Gradually we became close, so close that he will easily lift me in his arms and carry me to my bedroom.

Then one day, my sister was going on an all girls weekend outing with friends and i was left with Franklin alone at home. I can still remember the stare he gave me as my sister left the house, i thought it was just the usual way of looking at me. But sadly it was not and this was the beginning of the end for both of us.

On Saturday morning, Franklin came to my room, woke me up with a cup of tea. We walked to the park, play scrabble and finally went to the club later in the evening. It was in the club that i started dancing with Franklin and i noticed him grinding so hard against me from behind. Although i never expected him to do such but i ignored it.

After a long stay in the club, we finally got home by 1:00am and off we went to our separate rooms. As i walk down to my room, i can sense Franklin staring at my behind and as i was about entering my room someone touched my behind with his hands and i felt it. Quickly he flipped open my spaghetti top and lifted me in his arm. My mini skirt was out of the way already and before we knew we were already in the bedroom. At this moment, we lost all sense of decency and all we could think about was the moment.

That was when my phone alarm woke me up from my dream and found that i was almost late for STA 311, i quickly brushed my teeth, took three slice of breads and headed straight to Campus 3 Delta State University Abraka Nigeria to attend Mr Akanmu lecture.

Morale of the Story: Ladies don't create scenes that will trigger a man to do what he won't have done on a normal circumstances. You might just regret what will happen after all. Thank God this was just a dream but imagine the level of betrayal from both a husband and a sister. Learn to wear things that cover your skin and don't give room for abnormal situations. If you need more stories like this please tell us in the comment section and don't forget to share this story to serve as lessons for others.

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