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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Updated: Easy Steps To Easily Grow Your Facebook Page and Get More Followers

You have a Facebook Page and for the past six months you still have not gotten 1k followers? How about showing you some few legit tricks that will help boost your Facebook likes and followers within a short period of time. Sounds great right, lets dive right in.

For most people, the easiest way to grow a Facebook page is  by paid online promotions and adverts. Well just follow up with these procedures and you won't need to pay a dime or spend money to grow your Facebook page audience.


To begin with this you should understand that Facebook audience like pages that are interactive, informative and funny. So aside from keeping your page updated on a daily basis, you also need to post interactive content. For example, pictures of beautiful ladies with captions that are interactive. Pictures of Jesus or God asking users to type Amen and share.

Note that the more people like and share your posts, the more people will get to see your page and like, follow and also share your posts for others to follow and the trends continue. Well maybe I'm speaking gibberish lets take a look at some sample of posts that brings you followers not just followers but active followers.

post to attract audience

post to attract audience

attract facebook audience

facebook page likes

facebook page likes

increase facebook page likes

The areas circled and marked 1 in the first picture is the caption of the picture and the areas circled and marked 1,2 and 3 in the second pictures are post Reach, post likes and reactions, Comments and sharing respectively. Note that the post reach of two of the pictures above are more than 20k people. Imagine how many page likes you can get when more than 20k people visit one of your post. The trick is simple, get people to interact with your page and you get more likes and followers.

And to get more people to interact with your posts you need posts like the ones above. Note that these won't be the only posts you publish in your page, also write normal posts and share your website links. But publishing posts like the ones above increase your Facebook page activities and this in turn increases your Page likes and followers.

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