The True Concept of Pan-Africanism

What is Pan-Africanism All About? 

The concept of Pan-Africanism is a whole set of idea focused on Africa, black man and blackness. Pan-Africanism is there to reconstruct the idea the white man has created.

Pan-Africanism is to help africans, black man and blackness to accept who they are for what they are. 

Why is this neccesay? It is because, many young dark Africans today bleach off their skins, abandon their rich cultures and tradition to accept what the white man is introducing. Accepting what the white man is offering by abandoning African rich cultures is gradually turning the Blacks or Africans into living the life of pretence. 

According to Dr. Nwankocha, a lecturer of History and International Studies, from the University of Benin (UNIBEN), he said:
Africans now live a photocopied type of life and abandoning Originality 
The whole essence of Pan-Africanism therefore, is to reconstruct and destroy what the white men are imposing on Africans. 

The white like an artillery have bombarded like a psychological warfare on a black man, and the black man has been unable to recognized himself. Pan-Africanism did not start in Africa but rather in the Caribbean ,USA ,UK and came to Africa. 

Pan-Africanism therefore, aims to return African value. No society or persons grows by abandoning itself or herself. 

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